Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good person

This is going to be straight up word vomit. Brace yourself.

I've been seeing a lot of posts about being a good person and what things make you a good person. As i have read into these posts I've noticed that most people do good things for the praise and attention that comes from being a 'good person'. and while i sit here and feel sorry for that 'good person' i know that I'm not in the clear.

About a year or so ago the good things i did were for the attention. Then one day i actually did something out of the goodness of my heart and i was blown up with attention and praise and it actually made me angry. Nobody really cared about the person i helped and how the thing i did benefited them in the end. From then on i decided i wasn't going to do things because i would get attention from it. No, i would do things because i actually want to be a good person. If the things that i do get me attention its gonna be nothing because I'm doing it for another purpose if that makes sense.

So i challenge the few of you reading this to change your outlook on what makes you a good person. Change the reasons why you would help someone....maybe help them because they need help and you're willing to help them. Unless you're saving an orphanage from a burning building you don't need massive attention.