Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthdays and other shiz.

So, a massive update is in order. I had my birthday last month and I had this awesome idea for my blog post and then I got held up. When I finally had time I got sick. So. We'll enter the gory details now...

Story #1
This year I turned 22. HOLLA!! An all even number birthday. 😊 (anyone who knows me, this is a big deal). I was fortunate enough to get all weekend off from both jobs. Woop!! So, it's my birthday and I'll drink if I want to 😉🍻 Friday I hung out with the B-word. (Story update- read on) started drinking at my house and then when he mentioned food I jumped right on that! (We had a driver) 🚖 I stayed at his house (nothing happened so get your head where it belongs) Saturday morning I had his house to myself for a few hours. I woke up with the strong urge for some wata. Then I saw beer in the fridge. So, I did what any other 22 year old would do. I drank it all. Well, I didn't realize it was gone till, well, it was gone. Ben came home and annie was pretty drunk. (I didn't work all weekend so your judgments don't count.) to sum it up, I was drunk from a.m. To p.m. Went to the bar with my friends and dinner and then crashed my house party. Quick story... My roommate Amanda makes this drink everyone calls "Mandy juice" well. The bitch made me my own pitcher. Man, best roommate status. Everyone had a blast and got along. It was awesome. No drama 👌👍🙆 <--that's me jumping for joy haha 
Again, your Judgements are invalid. Aaand my Mandy juice is almost gone. 😁 

Sunday came and I remember why I don't get trashed. Ever. I couldn't find my phone. I wasn't wearing pants and I didn't know why everyone was sleeping in the hall. I've never been more confused. But, I made it to my bed. I'm pro. Cured my hangover with, yes, more alcohol. Took some meds and tried to be a productive member of society. Which brings me to my second story...

Story #2
Carrie and cam finally bought a house!! Took forever and felt like it was a very long wait for approval. But, their house is adorbs and they're happy so who currs?? 
I'm a champ and pat myself of the shoulder for being the best pillow carrier with the biggest hangover ever haha!! I'm also a great supervisor and pizza eater. Which helped my devil-ish headache. 
My dad is the best gramps
Cady-baby never had stairs till now. #BestFriendStatus

Then, to finish my weekend I visited baby duke/dukie/scooter and my sisters new-ish (new to me) apartment. 
This is how much he loves me. Wittle baby nephew 😂 

The end.