Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drama Queen Novel....

I'm not exactly sure how to start this; but I really want to blog it because it is hilarious! 
it has been two years since my last dramatic encounter with someone i didn't care for. that means i have had two years of laughter, new friendships, and most importantly ME TIME! its been heaven really. i guess god decided i was done with the luxury life because just about a month ago i recieved a "casual" email on facebook from the B word. I wasnt very nice to him. im over it. Anyway, he ended up asking me if i would have a beer with him and i didnt hesitate to hurry and say i was just waaaayy too busy hahah (; 

a few weeks later, after i already forgot we talked i was at work having a blast at baby animal days and BAM another email. B-word: hey, still too busy for that beer?" damn, seriously? i decided "what the hell" i mean really how bad could it be. or, maybe im just trying to talk myself into it. ill let you decide. so, we planned a day. (yes, i planned it because remember im just waay too busy..) 

about an hour later, heres where it gets good guys, i get an email from a lovely red head. her name is drama. or, Kelsey Jane Lee. *insert giggle* 

 Hey this is bens girlfriend and he told me that he hit you up when we broke up for a few days but we've been back together for a few weeks now and for some reason I just need to make sure he's not still talking to his ex's. This is not me being a bitch this is just me making sure he's not lying to me. Please dont tell him I contacted you ill take care of it myself if it needs to be addressed but we live together but im out of town for a couple weeks and just want to make sure everything is good while im away. Again im not trying to be a crazy bitch just checking up on my boyfriend making sure he isn't slipping up again. I know you dont know me and I dont know you but it'd be really nice if you'd just keep this between us and not let him know. Thanks ahead of time!

Now, my good friend jaelise is friends with the B-word. so, she told me about what happened. this girl, this girl be CRAAAAYYYY. quick fill-in: they broke up, got back together. broke up, (contacted me), got back together, broke up AGAIN (3rd times the charm) cops involved. she moves out (to my knowledge). apparently she cannot accept it. poor girl. also, if your gonna sniff out a girl on FB dont say "not trying to be a bitch" uh, yeah you are you dumb bitch...i never say "not trying to be a bitch but..." i just say it like it is because thats my opinion on something and if i hurt your feelings then plug your ears (: anyway, enough about me. heres what i responded with..

If you have to worry about if he's being faithful then you should probably be with someone you can trust. Also, I have no intentions of doing anything with him. He did ask me for a beer but honestly I don't think it's a big deal. Y'all need to figure your Shiz out. Someone's not on the right page. He hurt me too dude.

although i was filled with rage, i TRIED to stay as calm as i could. here's my logic, and i feel like i expressed it in my response. i posted on facebook also. You are in a relationship for many moons. the relationship turns sour. you try and fix it. nothing helps. youre not married, you dont have kids..whats keepin ya?? to me, it does not matter if you live together or not. when its over, pack up your shit! yeah, it blows and it is heartbreaking. but, if you two have decided its not working...its probably not working. dont pretend youre still together...dont fish out all the girls that your "boyfriend" talks to..romantic or not, its annoying. i now dont have a quiet life. so fuck you kelsey jane. (fuckin stupid name)  dont worry, there's more..

Im just nervous. Its not that I dont trust him I just found out some stuff he'd been keeping from me and I just want to make sure he's back on the right page. What happened between you and him if you dont mind me asking? I dont want to get too personal its just we never really talked about it he told me about his other ex's but not really about what happened between you two.

Probably because its none of your damn business you dumb dumb!! dont go behind your "boyfriends" back and try to pry information out of me and then fuckin "casually" try to get personal. yo, we aint that close.

It's not a big deal. And I don't talk about my personals with those I don't know. Do you just not like him talking to girls?

I didnt really want to know. but hey, i guess i got time to see what i can squeeze out of YOU (:

I dont care if he talks to girls and if you two are just friends then its all fine I dont care I just wanted to make sure that he wasn't keeping anything from me. We've had a rough last month and just wanna make sure he wasn't slipping up. I dont care who he's friends with as long as he's faithful to me. So you answered my question if you say its no big deal then its not. And no problem sorry I didnt mean to offend you by asking you.

Liar. now, im done. this girl is what 18? 19? i call jae, apparently im really not the only one she sniffed out.. although, the message to jae was a lot more kitty claws. so, why was she kissing my ass??? I hope shes just scared of me haha. i guess jae showed ben the messages...so, i did the same. remember, im not nice. but i try...sometimes..

Yo, you need to check your girl or be on the same damn page. Cuz home girl sniffed me out on FB going out of 
her way to make sure nothings going on between us. You got a cray one. Good pick.

now, i dont regret that message. i both laughed and felt great after sending it! i showed him the messages and his reply...

Holy novel...Fuck. sorry... I'm a single man, we don't live together. But I ain't gonna bring drama shit to nobody..

well, thank you ben, thats very nice of you. 

so there you have it folks. drama does still exist. even when youre in hiding. brace yourselves..youre probably next...DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN

p.s. ill ignore all the errors if you will (;

The end.