Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today my family and I went to Lagoon. I haven't been since last year when i went for work. So, thank you Beth for working for Sara Lee so that I could go to Lagoon (: 

When we first walked into the park there was a....well...this. My dad walked behind and just made this face. No one knew he was standing behind it until little raigen says "look at grandpa!!" We died.

I told my mom i'd pay her $5 if she walked through and got, leave it to her to ONLY get the bottom half of her wet. Smartie. 

While everyone was looking for the pavilion for the party, my dad and I snuck away to start our fun. we looked at the rocket, looked at each other and with no words just ran (yes, we ran) to the non existent line. That's the greatest thing about going to lagoon on a rainy day...there are NO LINES!! P.S. do you like how my dad isn't smiling?? haha he looks so nervous.

Those are my legs. (: 

We were in the middle of a conversation and it just took off. Ha ha, we almost shit our pants. My dad is literally the best lagoon buddy E.V.E.R!!!

Last Ride.

This is really funny for one reason. There is this guy that works on my dad's route and his name is Doug. Or, if you ask my dad he MIGHT say, Dipshit Doug, Dumbass Doug whatever Doug. He is super useless. So, if this isn't funny to you, you need a sense of humor!

Then, we all found our way to the Bat. No one likes the Bat but the kids. My mom took one look at it and said, Oh, wow. Hmm...maybe I would like that? is it fast? We all said no. (don't trust your kids duh)

Okay, so after convincing my mom that this is the easiest ride for her she decided to get on. While we were getting strapped in she says "Anne, if you are lying to me i'm gonna beat you". and my response.."mom, would I ever lie to you"? Half the time spent on the ride she didn't make a peep ha ha she was so concerned about falling out of the seat to scream. But, after 15 something years I finally got her to go on a ride with me (((:

My mom is seriously my best friend!

For about 5 minutes BrynLeigh asked us to ride bumper cars and until we were in line she reminded us that was what we were doing. I love her so very much!!!

Despite the weather we had such a blast and the kids were really good and cooperative. Each got to go on a ride they wanted and it was super fun!! <3