Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shut up Meg

You know how in family guy they hate meg? Well, there's a real life meg and I hate her.

•she cut my hair with a knife in front of a customer
•she threw a bottle of mustard on my shoe (vans) and ruined them. 
•she wears BRIGHT pink lipstick 
•she is nosy as fuuuuck
•she starts rumors
•she was homeschooled (homeschool kids are freaks)

That's really all my post is is just that I hate her SO SO SOOOO much!! There is nothing like-able about her. Her voice is so whiny too. I just hate her. The End.

& your a fart smeller Meg


I have been avoiding this post. This post is so personal to me and really only a few people will feel my emotion as they remember my dog, Sunny.

On June 12, 2013, I lost my best friend. I understand that some don't think of dogs as 'part of the family' but, sunny was like my little brother. Here's a few things I loved most about him.

  • He ate bee's
  • He ate rocks
  • He was scared of cats (srsly)
  • He was the best cuddler
  • He loved babies
  • He liked to pretend he was smaller than he actually was
  • He LOVED the chickens...thought he was one
  • He was best friends with my dad
  • He never failed to to greet you upon coming home
  • He had a spot on his tongue (:
This unfortunate day came a little unexpected and at the worst time. My mom was out of the country, my dad was working his late night, the girls (raigen & serina) were out of town and I wasn't ready to give up my puppy. I got woken up by my older brother Michael, asking me to come and see Sunny. I rolled off the couch and expected to find something he had gotten into or if he was doing something funny (like always) and he was having the hardest time standing up his legs were shaking and if everyone remembers the size of Sunny, well, it looked like there was another him inside his belly. I knelt down in front of him and gently touched his side. He started to shake and he pulled away from me. I started freaking out and took pictures and sent them to FB asking for help. I called the vet and they couldn't fit him in until 4 p.m. It was 9 a.m. I found my dad at one of his C-stores and told him what happened to Sunny. He told me to watch him and try to get him fitted in the vet ASAP. When I got back home Sunny had defecated on my parents bedroom floor and he was in and out of 'sleep'. I called the vet again and told them that he really needed to be looked at. They told me the same thing. My neighbors came over after my brother was found crying outside. She assisted me and Michael in getting Sunny onto a blanket and then carried out to the back of the Sequoia and immediately went to the Vet. To make this part of the story shorter I pretty much forcefully made them look at Sunny and when they did they quickly took him inside and began to work on him. My brother and I didn't get to say good-bye. They told us they'd call. About 30 min after being home trying not to think of it the phone rang. Neither me or Michael raced to the phone, instead we stared at each other. After the 4th ring I answered it and I got a "I'm so sorry, but your dog didn't make it to surgery" that line haunts me still to this day. I just remember trying so hard to have a firm voice as I told her I would be by to pick him up. I hung up the phone and dropped to the floor in the fetal position and bawled. What came next was having to tell my brother because me crying didn't explain it very well...then we went to pick him up, and, I understand they do this to everyones dogs but WHY DO THEY PUT THEM IN GARBAGE BAGS...??? is it not enough that I lost my puppy but now youre going to put him in a garbage bag like, k, heres your garbage. so insensitive...or im just a complete baby. i had to call my sisters to let them know. we set sunny down in the shade by our tree in the backyard and carrie and laura made it up and we all sat by sunny until my dad got home. when my dad pulled up he had no idea sunny didnt make it until, well, he saw us and a garbage bag. He said nothing as he went to the shed and grabbed a shovel. Went to the pasture and began digging. No words, none. My brother then grabbed another shovel and assisted my dad. When it was ready Sunny was wrapped in a blanket. The princess one he always slept on (: afterwards we all sat outside and talked about Sunny and told stories and cried and then laughed.

No dog will ever replace Sunny. 3 of my sibling have a new dog and they are just as cute. But, they are not Sunny, they never will be. They will be new memories, new laughter, new love.

I <3 you Sunny!

C'est la vie.

So I have this friend. Who is not really my friend. 

That's the first line I read when I opened up my Facebook. That was a post from one of my best friends. I have to tell you...I can count my very best friends on one hand.. 3 fingers to be exact. And I guess after this post that makes just 2 fingers. 

Malena and I have been friends for years. We don't see each other every day like we used to and I thought that was OK. I mean, I only see Bubba (finger #1) like once a month IF I'M LUCKY!!! but, every time we finally get to hang out it's like we were never apart. Never have we ever needed to question our friendship....I mean, Bubba is a post on his own but our friendship is something that has always stayed the what changed with Malena..?

1- homegirl got married to a douche. Anyone who knows him will tell you that's all truth.. I mean, I tolerated him and sometimes I actually didn't dislike him..

2- they got divorced and I had to listen to hours of repeated drama...I gave advice but the problem was never fixed...over and over again. How do ppl live like that??

3- she had a baby with  him. mmhm and by then I hadn't seen/heard/talked to her in months. (meaning she didn't make an effort to talk to me either) I didn't say congrats.. Is that a thing? cuz if so I owe my entire family congratulation cards and a huge I’m sorry ha-ha 

Further into this novelized status, she says "I understand people get busy and grow apart but that’s no reason to completely shut me out of your life. I guess tomorrow this friend will find out if we're friends or not. Thanks for the memories <3 you". Right, sorry Malena I forgot the world only revolved around you. 

So, I guess I just have 2 finger friends. And I’m fine with it.. A friend (not a finger friend) from work is also friends on Facebook with Malena and asked me if it was about me. I giggled. I guess if the shoe fits it’s probably mine ha ha ha. 

With this I leave you,

                 Sorry I never called you back. I was just too busy doing everything that didn’t involve listening to you bitch for 2 hours, racking my minutes up (PS Care, that’s where all my minutes went...) I'm sorry that I stood in your wedding line dressed in leopard and hot pink so that you could get married to a douche. I’m sorry that I was the realest friend you had and told you frequently that you were just full of shit.