Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Anyone seen Extreme Couponing? Me too..(: I'm so broke that i don't have money for food or anything really except fuel for my gas hogger SUV. i had my AH HA moment when i was at Walmart and i had $3 and i just wanted a drink. i walked past the snack isle and looked longingly at the crackers on the shelf. i had a moment of sadness because I'm fat and love crackers ha ha i saw a coupon taped to the box that said $2 off per box. so, i grabbed the box and walked happily to get a drink. Because i only had $3 i grabbed a drink for $1.50 when i got the register the girl scanned the box and then the coupon along with my drink. it all came to under $3 (: 

After that Ah Ha moment i went straight home and grabbed the ads off the coffee table that my roommate was going to throw away. i began going through them and cutting them out. I didn't know what i was doing so i pretty much was just cutting paper. then, the clouds cleared and Extreme Couponing came on Netflix. i watched one episode and was hooked. something about watching someone spending $1200 and after coupons scanned, they pay under $20. 

Today I came to my moms house and started my laundry. I brought the coupons i had cut out and showed them to her. she told me about her couponing days and then i showed her the show on Netflix. well, shes hooked. (: she's come up with this theory that we'll get a system going and when she scores big at the stores she'll create a storage and then whatever we don't use will go to the food pantry or other families. because if you think about it you can give all of these things away and its little to no cost to you. your bank isn't even broke. 

i used to laugh at people who had coupons. i mostly hated them because they created a large waiting line while they scanned their coupons. but, i think if its don't right you're smart. I'll keep you few readers posted on my success.