Thursday, January 30, 2014

P.M.S is an actual thing..

Today we are going to talk about periods and it's horrible side effects. So, with that..I learned this week that I have never p.m.s'ed. like ever...maybe i'm lying but this week was sheer HELL.

I started my period a couple days ago and rolled my eyes and grabbed a tampon with no "thank you's" to our lovely mother nature. apparently she didn't like me this month because the next few days were aweful. You always hear stories about girls that are evil during their cycles, emotional girls, or girls that are the same as they were last week, happy. I used to be the last story. 

by the end of the second day of my period, i was bawling. i literally thought that i was dying. i have never been in so much pain in my life. AND to make it better i was at work. now, i work in a group home with all ladies. and i was the only one on their cycle. weird right?  looks like they might get a better month than me. (i had enough pain for 40) I legit had cramps for over 3 hours, took a midol 30 min before the pain started like they say so that i didnt have to suffer horribly (no diff from what i always do). no, it still came. i called my mom bawling and she said to take another one if it didnt stop soon..fuuuuu. well, i can assure you the pain was still there. so, i took 2 exedrine menstral pills an hour later and even that did nothing. i finally got to go home.

i laid down, i put random hot shit on my stomach, i rubbed my stomach, i drank sprite, i even prayed for forgiveness. nothing. the universe must have been listening when i laughed at my older sister a couple years ago for crying over her cramps. sorry beth. i super take it back.

the next day i woke up and right when i did i was in such a crabby mood. said 2 words to my roommate. didn't pet cute little penny, ate breakfast and was rude the whole day. work blew, i was with 2 new staff and a difficult client from the home. by the end of my shift i was so frustrated that i cried all night. same thing the next day. only i probably said 3 more words. work went by really smooth but i was so glad to get off and go home. i showered for 2 hours and most of it i just stood there. 

then today came. there was no clear sky, no sun, no warm weather. but, no more blood and i was like all of a sudden like myself. i joked around at work and had a great time chatting with regular customers i didn't have a damn thing to complain about. 

so, i would say this is my first week ever pms-ing. i've never felt like that ever. i always go about my days as usual and have a little pain here and there but easily redirected with meds. i hope this was karma for making fun of my sister (LOL oops) because if i have to be a regular with this i'd rather chop my head off.