Sunday, February 23, 2014


my parents are the funniest parents in the whole world!

my conversation with my dad:
dad- "this girl came into smiths yesterday wearing these prescribed glasses you could probably get at a clown carnival".
me- "did ya?"
dad- "and her boyfriends glasses weren't much smaller...but, standing next to her they looked normal."
me- "hahaha i wish i could have seen that"
dad- "i wish i didn't. it was a freak show."

my conversation with my mom:
me: "have you tried the new flatizza?"
mom: "no, i ha- *excessive laughter* i made a funny"!
me: "you can only tell me if it's actually funny"
mom: "does it make your tits flat? get it? flatTIZa!"
me: *attempting to add to the joke*
mom: "i want a shirt that says does this make my boobs look big?"
(my mom had breast cancer and is now boobless. that's why this is funny)

some people take their parents for granted. they dont take the extra two seconds during a phone call to say "i love you". i dont have mushy parents that say "i love you" or give embracing hugs EVERY. TIME. THEY. SEE. YOU. but, when they do say "i love you" it makes a really big impact.

I don't live with my parents so they "i love you's" are more frequent. i have no idea what i would do without my sarcastic, dorky parents. (:

.and that is all.