Sunday, December 7, 2014

Momma's Girl

All of us have a preferred (or go to) parent, mine is my mother. I've always been a "momma's girl" but in recent years she's been my number 1! Anything I need she's right there. While she plays the "fun mom" most of the time she can switch to the "mom mom card" in the same second REAL fast which helps balance our relationship and remind me that she's still my mom and will have no problem telling me when I am just full of shit.

My mom asked me earlier this year if I wanted to save some money and go with her back home (back home=Australia) with her. Of course I said yes. Then I sat down for my finances and then realized I couldn't afford it. Instead I bought a car. So, now my mom is going without me and for 4 months. That's 17 weeks...121 days....that's a long time to be away from your best friend.

I always joke that my mom is my best friend because I have no friends myself ha ha. Except I do. I have 2 very best friends and then I have my regular friends that all rank the same. My friends are a part of my family ( not literally), we all would do anything for each other no matter what and to be honest, my mom is fucking cool so I don't exactly care who makes fun of me for calling my mom daily to "hang out".

I've tried to not freak out that she leaves tomorrow but I have been crying everyday over it. It's like I'm 6 all over again and she's going to be getting on a flight and leaving for a few weeks. Only now that I'm grown up she can go for a lot longer than that. But I wish she wouldn't. 17 weeks is going to be a damn long time, and she's going to miss all of my funny jokes and stories. But, she is going to have so much fun with her sisters and in the sun and that's kind of all that matters. Since I was born she has dedicated so much of her life to me, her time, her money, her love, her support, her sympathy, her understanding and her awesome hugs that make me wanna cry thinking about. So, if she can do all of that for me I SUPPOSE I could do this ONE thing for her <3