Friday, October 24, 2014

Rama & Gary finally come to America!!

So, as you know, my mom is from Australia. So, all of her side of the family is scattered over there. Within just two short years I was able to meet 2 cousins 2 aunts and 1 uncle (: I have only known of one Aunt my whole life until just a few years ago when my mom’s dad passed away and then BAM in comes like 100 more family members..(literally). And from then on I have met my family one person at a time.

This year I had the pleasure to meet my aunt Rama and uncle Gary. They are such great company! They had been in town for about 2 days maybe and I got to take them bar hopping in logan. Which isn’t super great because logan is so small; but they were troopers and still had fun. *side note: I drank 4 AMF’s and a Big Dog and was still standing at midnight* In about two weeks I will get to see my cousin and her boyfriend for the second time. WOOT!!

Today is Gary and Rama’s last night in Utah (I think they’re traveling more). So, my family is having a dinner party in their honor to say “Sayonara”. I thought for sure I was going to miss it due to being a workaholic, but at the last second my boss said she’d single staff for the day. So, thank you Jae you’re a lifesaver!!! I drove down with my mom, Raigen and Serina to my sisters house in Roy so we could start cooking the food and getting ready for the night. This part of the day is boring so let’s just skip to the part where everyone started showing up….shall we??

So, we had a really good turnout, Minus Carrie. Baby Caden was sick. ): I feel like there is always at least one of us that cannot make it to functions. Usually that person is me. so, that was weird. Other than that pretty much everyone was there. All of the kids had fun watching Cone Heads, Adventure Time, and Cloudy 2 with Matt (ha ha). It was just a bunch of crazy people running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off like every family gathering. That’s the perks of having 6 kids…comes with a lot more grandkids..Dinner was great! My mom made Polynesian food and we all soaked up the last bit of company we could with Rama and Gary.

 When I took Gary and Rama to the bar, they only drank Bourbon and Coke. So, at this party, they already had an open bottle of Bourbon but decided to go to the liquor store and buy another bottle. Because, you know, just in case. They came back and Gary pulls out 2 glasses and I just figured that he was going to serve Rama and himself..duh. No, he pours about a shot in this half size glass and says “Annie, do you think this will be enough”? Still not reading much into it I say “sure”? Then, he pours some coke in the cup and hands the cup to me and says “cheers” and then clinks my glass. Because I have a way of making everything weird I looked down and said “thanks, I really was thirsty too”. Ba ha ha ha. Towards the end of the night we had almost finished the already opened bottle and Gary turns to Rama and says “yeah, I thought I would be good, but this one is drinking me under the table”. Which, made my head grow a little big. Ha ha I don’t need to know I can drink anyone under the table, especially a grown man!  

Thinking that this party was the last time that I would see them before they left I followed them around like a lost shadow. Then, my mom says that she’s thinking about going down again the next day to say goodbye. Remember, we live all the way in Hyrum. I looked at my schedule on my phone and saw that, welp, that I had the day off. WOOT. So, my mom and I went down the next day and said our final goodbyes. )’: 

*All of the photos with the whole family are unfortunately NOT on my phone. So, perhaps if i stumble upon one I like then I will post it to here