Saturday, August 2, 2014

C'est la vie.

So I have this friend. Who is not really my friend. 

That's the first line I read when I opened up my Facebook. That was a post from one of my best friends. I have to tell you...I can count my very best friends on one hand.. 3 fingers to be exact. And I guess after this post that makes just 2 fingers. 

Malena and I have been friends for years. We don't see each other every day like we used to and I thought that was OK. I mean, I only see Bubba (finger #1) like once a month IF I'M LUCKY!!! but, every time we finally get to hang out it's like we were never apart. Never have we ever needed to question our friendship....I mean, Bubba is a post on his own but our friendship is something that has always stayed the what changed with Malena..?

1- homegirl got married to a douche. Anyone who knows him will tell you that's all truth.. I mean, I tolerated him and sometimes I actually didn't dislike him..

2- they got divorced and I had to listen to hours of repeated drama...I gave advice but the problem was never fixed...over and over again. How do ppl live like that??

3- she had a baby with  him. mmhm and by then I hadn't seen/heard/talked to her in months. (meaning she didn't make an effort to talk to me either) I didn't say congrats.. Is that a thing? cuz if so I owe my entire family congratulation cards and a huge I’m sorry ha-ha 

Further into this novelized status, she says "I understand people get busy and grow apart but that’s no reason to completely shut me out of your life. I guess tomorrow this friend will find out if we're friends or not. Thanks for the memories <3 you". Right, sorry Malena I forgot the world only revolved around you. 

So, I guess I just have 2 finger friends. And I’m fine with it.. A friend (not a finger friend) from work is also friends on Facebook with Malena and asked me if it was about me. I giggled. I guess if the shoe fits it’s probably mine ha ha ha. 

With this I leave you,

                 Sorry I never called you back. I was just too busy doing everything that didn’t involve listening to you bitch for 2 hours, racking my minutes up (PS Care, that’s where all my minutes went...) I'm sorry that I stood in your wedding line dressed in leopard and hot pink so that you could get married to a douche. I’m sorry that I was the realest friend you had and told you frequently that you were just full of shit.